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Why Study Integrative Coaching?  |  Program Overview & Schedule  |  Program Registration & Participation

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Why Study Integrative Coaching?

There has never been a more powerful or critical time to do this work than right now. We are at a crucial time in the evolution of our world, a time when the world needs distinctions and tools that deliver permanent and lasting change, a time when people need to be equipped to impact the areas of their lives where they’re suffering and resigned, both for the individual good and our collective survival.

Inside the Integrative Coaching Training Program, you will be trained in a proven, unparalleled future-focused client-driven coaching methodology that will support you in becoming a spiritual teacher, an emotional educator and an effective guide to success, leading others from the limitation to unlimited possibility.

This training is based on the work of New York Times bestselling author Debbie Ford and has a particular emphasis on shadow integration. A pioneering force incorporating the study and integration of the shadow into modern emotional and spiritual practices, Debbie is the bestselling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Secret of the Shadow, Why Good People Do Bad Things, and The Shadow Effect. She is the Executive Producer of The Shadow Effect movie, creator of The Shadow Process workshop and founder of The Ford Institute for Transformational Training.

Why study the transformative power of the shadow? Shadow work is rapidly becoming known as one of the most effective transformational modalities of our time. You have an unprecedented opportunity to be a part of this revolutionary work while birthing a new lexicon into the world. Just imagine being part of this evolutionary shift. All of our lives are determined by a set of assumptions, core beliefs, behaviors and habits that were birthed out of shame and are now hidden in the shadow of our unconscious minds, affecting our relationships, our bank accounts, our bodies and blocking our true potential. These often hidden and rejected parts of ourselves create the limited view from which we can experience the world. Imagine if instead of being controlled by our shadows, we could follow the sacred path we were meant to live – the path of our soul. It is there that we stand firmly inside our innate purpose, finally realizing our capacity for greatness. Rooted in our newfound strength, we discover that we have everything we need to respond to the calling of our soul.

The Integrative Coaching Training Program provides a high degree of specialized training in the skills, distinctions and presence necessary to serve as a catalyst for change in the world. Our program is different from any other coaching program because we train Integrative Coaches in the concepts and tools for identifying and effectively breaking through the limitations of the shadow. We also insist that Integrative Coaches do and continue to do their own personal work of transformation and evolution. So in addition to being trained to support others to unconceal, own and embrace all of who they are, Integrative Coaches are trained to live lives life they love, give up their resentments, truly leave the past behind, light up a room, and be experts in emotional freedom. Integrative Coaches can confidently guarantee life-changing transformation. When you choose to train with us, you will join this exclusive group of highly skilled and impeccably trained professionals. You will be part of a worldwide community committed to causing a global shift in consciousness.

If you are looking for a second career filled with passion, meaning and purpose or are a therapist, counseling professional, educator, life coach, executive, manager, or someone who wants to deepen the work you’re already doing and you are committed to being a guide for others and are being called to serve a greater cause, this program is designed for you.

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or speak with an Admissions Advisor by calling +1 (800) 780-9198 x 703
Outside the U.S. call +1 (619) 609-0535 x 703

Program Overview and Schedule

This year-long training program is organized into five distinct modules that are taken in sequential order. You will attend classes over the phone in a global virtual classroom on the newest interactive communication platform. Classes meet every Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific. Attendance is expected but if you miss a call, recordings as well as other resources are available on a private course website. The program includes two profoundly effective in-person training intensives.

Module 1 – The Shadow Process

Dates: February 10-12, 2012 in San Diego
Tuition: $795

In the evolutionary process delivered at this exclusive in-person retreat, make peace with the whole range of your human emotions. Befriend your grief, your sadness, your loneliness, and your anger. Own the parts of yourself that continue to rob you of love, intimacy, and success and learn to unconditionally love and accept all that you can be. Bask in the light of your highest self and stand powerfully in a future fueled by your love, your confidence, your passion, and your truth. Let go, surrender and emerge into the greatest evolution of yourself. Open up to a life free from shame, free from fear, free from guilt, and free from the limitations of your past.

Module 2 – Integrative Coaching Transformation

Dates: March 13 - June 5, 2012
Tuition: $1,750

Embark on one of the most unique and cathartic personal transformations in the world as you experience the benefit of Integrative Coaching in a group setting. Begin to understand the underpinnings of this unique coaching method while you experience unprecedented results in your own life.

Module 3 - Integrative Coaching Fundamentals

Dates: June 19 - September 11, 2012 (No class meeting on 7/3)
Tuition: $1,750

Immerse yourself in the key distinctions of Integrative Coaching and the International Coach Federation’s core competencies. Learn the unique aim and approach of Integrative Coaching. Study the tools that will support you in being a catalyst for change in the world.

Module 4 – Integrative Coaching Skills

Dates: October 6 - December 18, 2012
In-Person Residential Intensive in San Diego: Dates to be announced
Tuition: $2,995

Master the most effective and empowering coaching skills in the world today, including Integrative Listening and Integrative Presence. Be trained to ask provocative, life-altering questions, shift people's perspectives and deliver communications that transform lives forever.

Module 5 – Integrative Coaching Practicum

Dates: January 8 - February 26, 2013
Tuition: $705

Be guided through an assessment and review process to ensure that you are most effectively using the skills and distinctions of Integrative Coaching to deliver extraordinary results to your clients. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and presence necessary to be licensed as a Certified Integrative Coach.

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or speak with an Admissions Advisor by calling +1 (800) 780-9198 x 703
Outside the U.S. call +1 (619) 609-0535 x 703

Program Registration and Participation


The total tuition for the program is $6,995 at a package price or $7,995 a-la-carte (module by module).

To register, you will pay a deposit of $1,000. This deposit holds your place in the program and initiates the admissions process. As part of the admissions process, you will decide how to pay the remainder of your tuition ($5,995). It may be paid in a lump sum payment or on a monthly payment plan.

Payment Plan Calculator for Package Price
Number of InstallmentsStarting In...Amount
11November 2011$570
10December 2011$625
9January 2012$690
8February 2012$775
Note: The payment plans include a payment plan finance charge.

Admission Criteria and Prerequisites

No prior college coursework is required in order to be admitted into the program. To enter the program, students must have watched The Shadow Effect movie. Students must also 1) have access to the technology required for telephone classes and web-based homework assignments, 2) commit to participation in residential intensives, and 3) agree to adhere to program standards of personal integrity and accountability.

Global Virtual Classroom

Designed to accommodate local, national and international student participation with weekly classes taking place on the newest interactive communication platform, the telephonic teaching format creates a global classroom that is bridging geographic, cultural and social divides. Each weekly class is conveniently scheduled in the evening (Pacific) to accommodate working students, and all homework is easily submitted via web platform.

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or speak with an Admissions Advisor by calling +1 (800) 780-9198 x 703
Outside the U.S. call +1 (619) 609-0535 x 703


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